Our Story

With more than 30 years of experience in construction, Tim has a passion for helping businesses grow. He founded Wyatt Management in 1998 in Minneapolis, MN and developed a strong base of loyal customers including Arby’s, Red Wing Shoes, Wendy’s, Green Mill, McDonald’s, to name a few. Tim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin Stout.

In 2008, Tim relocated to The Woodlands, Texas where he met his wife, Jeannette. Jeannette’s background is in healthcare and technology marketing, but she quickly developed an affinity to marketing construction management services. Building on the brand Tim had already established, Jeannette began promotional efforts that helped Wyatt Management expand its client base. In 2014, Jeannette left her long-term career in marketing to work for Wyatt Management full-time. While she continues to lead the charge with the company’s marketing efforts, Jeannette also oversees internal operations. Like Tim, she believes in a job well-done; therefore, it’s not uncommon for Jeannette to be in the field, visiting job sites and ensuring the company not only meets, but exceeds, its client’s expectations.

Jeannette & Tim Wyatt

Wyatt built the ground-up Dairy Queen/Orange Julius concept in the Woodlands, TX. It is a showcase store for other DQ owners looking to build ground-ups or conversions.

– Moussa Haidar, Franchise Owner